The rules of the road are such that it is every person’s responsibility to look out for themselves and others. Most traffic laws are fairly straightforward. Everyone knows to wear a seatbelt, not to speed, and not to drive drunk.

Still, thousands of people are hospitalized each year for car accidents. Drunk drivers are a major cause of fatal accidents. Other causes include inclement weather, distracted driving, and tire blowouts.

Some of these decisions are well within our control. No one forced the driver to become intoxicated before getting behind the wheel, and no one forced the teenager to answer his text messages on the highway.

Others are out of our control. Acts of God and freak accidents happen every day, and when they happen, it can be difficult to assign blame. Sometimes there’s not even a guilty party.

Thankfully, most of the drivers on the road have both a driver’s license and insurance. Adequate car insurance should cover the majority of fees that occur as a result of a collision. Some scenarios don’t always have a simple solution.

If the person who caused the accident is uninsured, and the victim carries liability-only insurance, then it will be difficult for the victim to get the help they deserve. Some insurance companies even go as far as to victim-blame so that their client, the person who caused the collision, will not be liable to cover damages.

Navigating insurance can be complicated, and recovering from injuries only make the job that much more difficult for the victim. Lawrence & Associates helps victims of car collisions in the Cincinnati area get the help they deserve.

Medical bills and fees to repair or replace a damaged car add up quick. Lost wages can also throw a victim into dire financial straits if they have to miss work to recover. A proper settlement from the guilty driver’s insurance company should help cover these expense and lost wages, so the victim will not have to undergo any more stress than they already face.

In the case of freak accidents and Acts of God, a skilled lawyer will still be able to get the proper amount of damages awarded to the victim. The lack of a guilty party does not negate the need for assistance, and it also does not negate the victim’s right to that assistance. Even minor traffic violations such as driving five miles over the posted speed limit can ruin someone’s life.

As someone recovers from their injuries, they will almost always be asked to go a strict medical evaluation for the opposing side’s insurance company. The insurance company may try and weasel their way out of paying what they owe by denying that the other driver was the cause of the acquired injuries.

Speaking to a lawyer that’s on the victim’s side before the evaluation even begins can make a tremendous difference in terms of the payout that is given to the victim.