Construction site accidents can lead to varying degrees of damages and injuries – from simple cuts and bruises to serious traumatic spine injuries and even death. With so many lives at stake in every accident that happens, construction site safety should always be a main priority. Worker’s compensation may not be enough to cover for the injuries that the worker may have suffered, and as Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. ® states on its website, construction companies are the ones who should be held liable for accidents and injuries that occur within the site or as part of the job.

Aside from the company, there are other parties that are responsible for workplace safety provisions. Equipment manufacturers, insurance companies, site owners, the general contractor, as well as the subcontractors are all responsible in ensuring that the worksite is safe, the workers are compliant to safety standards and procedures, hazards are properly labeled, and hired workers are fit for the job. Unfortunately, even with strict safety regulations from OSHA, construction accidents are an everyday occurrence.

In the state of New York, Labor Laws have been changed in order to ensure that workers are protected to the fullest. One such revision is the Labor Law Section 240 (1) puts the responsibility of ensuring workers are protected by securing worksite safety is enforced and that presumption of liability when an accident (specifically gravity-related) occurs and resulted to a worker’s injury. Worker’s compensation will be given regardless of whose fault the accident was, but if the company or those responsible refuse to provide injured workers with such benefits, the website of Hach Rose says that workers can file personal injury claims to seek fair and just compensation. Construction site accident can lead to serious injuries that can be life-altering, therefore companies should be accountable and responsible enough to provide their workers with compensation that they deserve.