There are many reasons why being a truck driver is one of the most dangerous job in the United States. Despite the importance that they play, truck drivers have very long working hours with very little pay; legislation made to regulate working hours for truck drivers are often bent and broken, with truckers having only one day each week off. Truck driving accidents account for 12 percent of work-related accidents around the country, and the website of Crowe & Mulvey, LLP, states that even with compensation given by the trucking companies, it may not be enough to cover for damages and injuries, especially if it was a fatal accident.

With high risks of being in an accident while on the road, it’s surprising to know that truckers have little accessibility to healthcare. Regular medical appointments are rarely observed, and with unhealthy eating habits while on the road, it is no owner why ma great majority of truck drivers are obese and will eventually suffer from complication brought about by it. Add this to the fact that truck driver get little to no sleep, with limited sleeping space in their trucks. Even though we all know how important the work or truck drivers do, they still lack important services for them to sustain their well-being.

It is no wonder why many trucker drivers don’t stay on the job too long. Because of the continuous quitting and hiring of trucking companies, cargo and cash flow are sometimes delayed. This is the reason why truck factoring has become big business. As explained by the internet domain of TBS Factoring Service, factoring can provide trucking companies immediate cash. This means they don’t have to wait for a month or more for their payment, giving them more options of either rest or get another delivery. Factoring is one way to help ease the problems that many truckers face when on the job. However, choosing the right factoring company is still important. Doing your research is a great way to secure your hark work pays.